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EPS blocks and sheets manufacturing equipment

Clinker Panel

Insulated Concrete Forms (ICF) manufacturing equipment

Molded styrofoam

60 m3/shift production line



 PV-1 preexpander


 Drying system


 BF-15 blockmold; dimensions of the blocks produced 12006002000 mm


 Semiautomatic pneumatics control system


 Vacuum system


 Vertical cutter


 Horizontal sheet cutter




 1-200/0.4 steam generator (250 kg of steam per hour, 6 atm), electrode, with an electronic control box


 Steam accumulator (0,43 m3)


 Silo bunkers (10 m3)


 Suction fan


 PVC air transfer duct


 PP air transfer duct


 Compressor (160 l/min, 10 atm.)


 Pressurized air receiver (0,5 m3)








 Other accessories (bends, taps, set-downs, hoses etc)


Total, RUB

 1 681 368

Documents, installation and adjustment

 Type of work

 Price, RUB


 Preparatory stage

 25 000

The price includes equipment adjustment to the premises and existing conditions, set of documents (process sheet, technology description).

 140 000

Installation of the equipment, assembly of the main machines and communication lines according to PFDs.
 Adjustment and starting-upAdjustment, starting-up and personnel training.


Production techniques

Production plant

Production area demands



Silo bunkers


Vacuum system

EPS cutter

Prebreaker / grinder

Steam boiler

Steam accumulator


Pneumatic conveying system

Packing machine

Production line variants

40 sq. m. output

55 sq. m. output

60 sq. m. output


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Molded EPS   
EPS furniture   
Russian State Standard (GOST)   
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How to purchase?


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