/files/oborudovanie_pps/sushka.jpg Beads discharged from the preexpander may contain up to 10% of water as they have been treated by steam. Such beads are moist and not loose enough to be transported by air, and it may take a long time for natural drying. Therefore, it is advisable to use a drying machine to accelerate the stabilization of beads after preexpansion and remove excess moisture from the beads. After drying, the beads are transported by an air fan to silo hoppers. .



Value *

Rated capacity per cycle, cub.m


Machine capacity, cub.m/hour/час

 до 15

Bulk weight of beads, kg/cub.m


Dimensions including fans, mm


Weight, kg


Serviced by, operators


Electric specifications

Supply current type

alternating, three-phase

Rated current frequency, Hz


Rated supply voltage, V


Rated power of heating elements, kW

max 9

Rated power of air supply fan, kW


Remark: *The specifications are applicable to max EPS density of 20 kg/cub.m..


Сушильная установка Сушильная установка. Вид изнутри.