• /files/oborudovanie_pps/opalubka-forma.jpgICF blockmold

is designed for the final EPS beads expansion.

After the preexpanded beads have been fed to the blockmold, they get thermal treatment. As the result the beads get expanded thus molding into an EPS block inside the machine. Saturated steam is used there as heat carrier.

Our company manufactures two types of ICF blockmolds that produce ICF blocks of different kinds:

1. Blockmold for the production of ordinary ICF blocks.

Ordinary ICF blocks are used for the erection of straight bearing walls.

2. Blockmold for the production of end ICF blocks.

End ICF blocks are used to form corners, doorways and window openings.

ICF shell thickness is chosen in accordance with the climatic conditions at the construction site. That is why we offer two variants of blockmold design:

  • with shell thickness of 50 mm
  • with shell thickness of 80 mm

(for the production of 25 density EPS)



 ICF block dimensions (length / width / height), mm

1000 х 250 х 250 (280)

 Number of cycles per hour, times, not less than


 Blocks volume weight, kg/piece


 Steam operating (excess) pressure Pg in the blockmold, MPa (atm), not more than

0,09 (0,9)

 Steam temperature in the blockmold, °С


 Steam operating (excess) pressure, MPa,  not more than


 Blockmolding steam consumption including preexpansion (at maximum output), kg/h


 Preexpanded EPS charging

manual, with the help of a charging hopper

 Finished block extraction


 Water use for block cooling, liter/cycle


 Service norm, persons


 Dimensions (length / height / width), mm

1230 х 946 х 547

 Weight, kg, not more than


 Note: * Steam generating equipment must maintain the pressure of 4...5 atm, steaming capacity being not less than 100 kg/hour