Silo hoppers for EPS beads

The purpose of EPS beads hoppers is to store and dry the EPS beads after preexpansion as well as recycled EPS.

/files/oborudovanie_pps/bunkera.jpg The hoppers are manufactured from durable PP fabric and are equipped with suitable air vents. The quantity and volume of hoppers are customer-selected depending on the room where the line is to be installed and the line capacity. The following standard options are offered: 25 cub.m for a room with max ceiling height 4 meters or 30 cub.m for min ceiling height 5,5 meters. Other volume options are available upon request to suit your individual needs.
The hoppers can also be manufactured from the following materials at the customer’s choice:

     — standard PP fabric;
     — extra durable PP fabric for longer service life;
     — UV-proof fabric (if the curing area is to be exposed to direct sunlight).



Steel frames for mounting of hoppers may be welded (fixed) or bolted (modular). The frames are installed at the same time as the EPS line is assembled. Customers often choose to install these frames using their own efforts and the drawings we supply. Otherwise, we may manufacture the steel structures and deliver them to the installation site.

Air transport system serves to feed material to the hoppers from the preexpander, dryer or crusher and transfer it to the blockmold. The material is transported by radial blowers with purpose-made blades to avoid deformation of preexpanded EPS beads.
Air transport unit is a system of galvanized steel or plastic tubes with dampers. The dampers can be manually (sliding) or automatically (pneumatically) controlled. Hopper dampers are controlled from the operator’s panel for an automatic option. The operator’s panel has LED indicators showing which hoppers are active and alarm buzzers to inform the operator that the hopper is full.


sewing manufacture Vyatkastroydetal  Производство бункеров гранул пенополистирола

VyatkaStroyDetal manufactures custom-sized silo hoppers. Feel free to send us your inquiries and hopper drawings to

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