General Terms

  1. The manufacture time of the complete production line does not exceed 60 days depending on the set you choose. The time is fixed at the moment the delivery contract is signed.
  2. The manufacture time is calculated beginning from the date the upfront payment hits our account. The upfront payment equals 50% of the total contract value. The second installment at the rate of the remaining 50% is paid after the equipment has been manufactured and before the shipment.
  3. The delivery is effected by any existing method, be it by truck, by railroad, by air or by sea. The choice of the means of transport depends on the price, reliability and the delivery time needed. You can organize the delivery yourself (by means of self-haul) or we can take all the responsibility connected with shipment upon ourselves as we possess a long-term experience and maintain stable contacts with carriers.
  4. In case the equipment is to be delivered outside Russia, we will settle all the problems connected with customs clearance. The price of this procedure is approximately 600 USD.
  5. The delivery outside Russia is effected in accordance with Incoterms-2000. Here are some of the most often used terms:
    FCA Kirov: we facilitate customs clearance and load the equipment onto your truck in our premises;
    CPT “destination place” (e.g. CPT Minsk): we deal with customs clearance and deliver the cargo to the destination place by our truck or by carrier’s vehicle.
    DAF “border crossing point”: we facilitate customs clearance and ship the cargo by railroad or truck to a border crossing point (e.g., DAF Ozinki: Ozinki station is border crossing point between Russia and Kazakhstan).
  6. Please see more detailed explanation of international trade terms at (in Russian).
  7. After you have received the cargo, transported it to the installation site and informed us in writing of your readiness for the installation and starting up, our 3-men crew is dispatched to your premises as soon as possible.
    The cost of the crew transportation to the installation site (by railroad, air or multimodal means) is paid by the Customer.
    Room and board expenses are not included in the installation price and are borne by the Customer at actual costs for normal conditions and middle class rooms at least.
  8. The installation, starting up and personnel training normally lasts for 14 days, all contractual terms duly observed.