Clinker Heat Insulation Panel Production Technique

Source materials for face heat insulation panels (clinker heat insulation panels):
-  self-extinguishing expandable polystyrene (EPS). We recommend using foreign brands such as Loyal Chemical, Xingda (China), LG (South Korea), BASF (Germany), Styrochem (Finland).
-  clinker brick with a dovetail groove on the back

Clinker heat insulation panel manufacture consists of the following stages:

1. EPS pre-expansion
 предвспениватель для пенополистирола The preexpander is filled with the necessary amount of raw material and then forced steam is fed to the preexpander. As the result raw beads increase manifold in diameter (they get “expanded”). As the expanded granules reach the desired volume steam supply is cut, the preexpander gets unloaded and the expanded granules are fed to silo bunkers by suction.
 2. Beads aging in silo bunkers.
 /files/termopanel/pps-vid.jpg There internal stresses of the beads are stabilized and the preexpanded material is dried after steam treatment. Stabilization time is 4-8 hours if a dryer is used. The natural aging time is between 12 and 24 hours.
 3. Heat insulation panel blockmolding
 закладка клинкерной плитки в блок-форму Clinker bricks with dovetail groove are placed into blockmolds for wall or corner panels.
 крепёжная букса Fastening bushes to mount panels onto a wall are installed. 
 загрузка полистирола в форму The blockmold is closed and then beads are fed through purpose-built injectors manually or automatically. The beads fill the inside chamber of the blockmold.
 /files/termopanel/proparka.jpg Then the beads are treated by heat and as the result beads get expanded once again and thus are molded into a finished panel. The molded panel is then cooled by means of vacuum exhaustion (created by vacuum system) in the blockmold processing chamber.
 выталкивание термопанели The panel is knocked out of the blockmold by either pushers or a pneumocushion.
 4. Panel aging
 готовая фасадная термопанель с клинкерной плиткой 

The panel is aged in normal condition for 12-24 hours in order to stabilize internal stresses and to reduce its moisture content. Afterwards it can be used in construction. 

Prices for clinker heat insulation equipment.

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