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Silo bunkers

Silo bunkers serve for the storage and drying of EPS beads after they have been preexpanded as well as for the storage of ground EPS.

/images/oborudovanie_pps/bunkera.jpgThe bunkers are made of polypropylene, a durable breathable material. We produce two basic modifications of bunkers:

  1. A 5m3 bunker that can be installed in the areas with the ceiling height more than 4 meters.
  2. A 10m3 bunker that can be installed in the areas with the ceiling height more than 5,5 meters.

We can also manufacture nonstandard size bunkers designed to fit a specific area.

The number of bunkers used is determined by the total output and the number of shift per day.

The rack where the bunkers are mounted is installed along with the other elements of the EPS production line in accordance with the production area characteristics.

Charge and discharge of the bunkers is effected by blower fans by bulk air system.


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Silo bunkers


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